What did your first house look like?


I recently just finished my new house on my server just because I had nothing else to do haha. And now I’m looking back at how funny my old houses used to be, the thing is that I rarely use my house for anything but I build it anyway. But anyways I think a person’s style of builting can change so much in a few years don’t you think so?

So here’s my first house that I built on this server. I used to be obsessed with gold blocks and I always loved to go full on crazy with paint. I also liked being close to the lava cause I used to think that it was so cool :sunglasses:

And this one here is my new home( I know the shape of it makes no sense at all but it was random) I think my style and my taste have change quiet a bit. I’ve grown fond of using limestone and wood for everything instead of using gold blocks and copper blocks. This new house isn’t the prettiest but I like the weird shape and interior, it’s just my personal style.

So what about you guys? What did ypur first house looks like :slight_smile:


My first house was a hole in the ground! Dug completely by hand, no pickaxes at all, since I didn’t know how to make them.

It was quite deep for a beginner house, though it really barely scratched the surface. :wink:


Look at my luxury house! I made this when I was new to the game. Little did I know I was an expert at building :smiley:



Dug a hole right near where I spawned. Filled it up with benches then moved to a slightly bigger wood house, that was too small so I went to a floating marble house. I don’t play that world anymore.


On my first SP, my house was underground. I kept expanding it so it became this big rambling cave thing. I don’t have it anymore though, since I deleted the game once and lost the world. I don’t even remember the first server I ever played on.


My first house with made of air. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine was a hole in the ground. Literally.


Mine was some kind of a underground shelter with ladders made out of limestone (that was the only good material I had)

I also got some shelves soon after since chests with signs were annoying and I got them to show of my treasures

That’s the oldest house I can remember. I can’t remember my exact first house but this will do. :joy:


My first proper house was this small limestone house aboveground that only had two levels, the upper one for beds and the lower one for door space. It was underground that I had all these big rooms that housed my crafting and chests and stuff. I was expanding more and more and then it got deleted :cry: it was such a long time before, before jetpacks and trains and all the new stuff (1.2 or 1.3) so…

I wish I had a picture ‘cause that was my first house ever and I wanted to know how creative (or uncreative) I was :slight_smile:


My first house was a 2 block deep hole.


My first GOOD house was a GIGANTIC 4 floor golden house with about 9 rooms


Most of the houses are holes, dirt or nothing XD


My first house was underground.


literally a 2 deep hole in the dirt with a campfire


My suspended wooden house, in the frozen ocean! Quite creative for a first house :stuck_out_tongue: I think.


Hey! We shared that! :stuck_out_tongue:
We were on LAN.


It’s in the ocean…


My first house was actually really cool, it was 4 years ago and entirely made out of stone. It was when I wanted to be an architect so it had underground caves and was really tall. It was on the beach and you had to enter underneath the party room and dock your boat. It was really cool. I also had a roommate. The server was called Cheesy Chips. The server is out of credit today, a lot of drama was happening there XD I was young back then and I was just admitted for the first time. I noticed that the owner had a lot of pole-clothes so I might have taken a few… And that ended my time at that server. XD


Also when I place wires, it just falls out of the blocks