What do the stocks do in game?

What do stocks do in trade portals? Do they effect prices how much of something is left that you can buy? Just wondering.

Unfortunately (for some) no. They just affect prices which I believe is eventually capped off.

Ok, thx.

The Blockheads National Stock Market.

Only prices are affected. You buy an unlimited amount of an item as long as you have the coins for it.

But the market prices rise or fall depending on the buying. Or selling of these things, done by you or any other player.

The trades market in single player is separate.

Actually the market (the global prices, more of a base multiplier) is the same across all worlds. Local multipliers in worlds and specific portals are more local and won’t affect all other portals (at least not as much).

Global prices affect all worlds, but only non-custom worlds affect global prices.

The graph just shows the rise and fall (trend) of the prices. This can be helpful so that you can see, for example, if an items price rises and falls a lot you can buy it when the price is low and sell when high. But I feel like it’s more useful to just use to sort of get a feel for what’s going on - I’m not sure you’d be able to make significant money based on the graphs.

Not entirely. Vanilla worlds have a slightly different prices to the multiplayer server worlds. Not a big difference, but it’s still a difference.

I had to check and recheck, I even used screen captures to compare. But there is definitely a slight difference in prices.

And you’re right, I don’t think custom affects the global blockheads trademarket.

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confirmed with red arrow

And single player worlds don’t affect trade portal prices when you’re NOT CONNECTED TO WIFI.

This is most likely due to the multiplayer worlds that you were in already having an economic shift away from the global prices because of people buying the item in world.
I wish I could find where Dave wrote about this, because I know he has. I’m making a thread in #tips-guides about how this works and I’ll link to it when it’s done, unless I find one that’s already been made.
EDIT: Here it is. How the Trade Portal Prices Work