What do you guys think of my Castle?

hey, I built this yesterday in my creator world, I was wondering what you guys thought of it? I used less than 3 stacks of limestone and painted it with gray paint to look like stone bricks.


I like it! It’s not super extravagant, but it’s still super cool!

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what are your ideas to make it more extravagant? I tried building it to be survival-friendly but would love to hear some ideas?

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Perhaps a tad larger, with more vibrancy on the inside?

Besides that answer, so very awesome. ;-; (jealousy increases)

Looks nice! I really like the look of the gray painted limestone. It looks way better than regular stone. You might want to consider embedding the lights, maybe even throw in a chandelier in the top center. [quote=“XtremeGaming, post:3, topic:56933”]
I tried building it to be survival-friendly

What do you mean by that?

I like how it’s built, it’s kinda simple and sweet. You could make it bigger, and vary your materials if you’d like it to be more extravagant. But still a good job!


I mean I tried to use materials that are easy to come by, which is why I used limestone and not something like titanium or Platnium blocks. Even the flag is just red-painted dirt (I like the texture of dirt). I also did the entire thing with less than 3 stacks of Limestone.

By “survival friendly” I mean using blocks that you don’t need to use an everything-free trade portal, or even just a trade portal in general. It’s a pretty easy to build Vanilla base.

what other blocks do you recommend? I tried fooling around with some stained-glass windows, but I wasn’t sure I liked that. Interested to see what blocks may help it look a bit better

Interesting! I’ve never thought of using backwall to make castle borders before. But it does look a bit empty. Maybe paint the floors dark red and dark blue to look like carpet, and add some paintings?


Nice job! The thing I like about that Castle is that it is practical for living in.
Or course, the benches might clutter it up a bit, but with some strategic placement it can still look neat.

The Castle I recently completed on SGE is not exactly the most livable dwelling. I could probably make it work, but mainly I just did it for the design.

On the inside, you could definitely put some windows- not big ones, just a single pane each. Like @Appi said, I think it would be cool if you painted the top of the floor blocks to make it look like carpet. You could make some paintings too, maybe mimicking tapestries or something. You could place pillars too! I think wood pillars would go nicely.

I really like it! It looks medieval. Very cool

there would be a minority who don’t like castles…

I love… love builds that a bh can actually live in… I’d build a real castle if I was rich enough in real life…

you have shown me other ways to build castles… castles on my world would not be considered a boring base… might have to amend my LONG WM lol

feel free to build a castle on my server :wink:

Well designed :slight_smile: i like it :thumbsup:

Amazing! It’s simple but amazing!
Grey limestone… That was a simply awesome idea. It does look good.
Consider making a palace next. That should be difficult…

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nice! 8/10

So I played around with windows for quite some time, and I had the crazy idea of googling “Medival Windows” and using that as a painting to use for Windows. Mind-boggling, I know lol. So I placed those painting over glass back walls and it actually lets in some light! What do you guys think, DIY Windows or just glass backwall windows?


That’s clever @XtremeGaming for using the paintings as windows!

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Thanks @sNicolas !