What do you guys think of my Castle?


That’s quite clever. If you place the paintings over glass then it will still appear as a “window” when you zoom out. I was going to suggest windows as well. But your painting idea is really good.

To jazz it up a bit you might add some columns or stairs. I often place wooden stairs on the ceiling as “rafters”. if you can find any red marble or lapis lazuli you might drape a few blocks of that color backdrop as a “tapestry”.

I’ll also share a wee little crenelation trick I learned. If you sink a door down into the wall walkway so that half is in the floor and half is above, every other block, it will give a nicer crenelation effect and your BH will still walk through/behind them.



oh wow, very clever idea for the crenellations! I like the idea with draping lapis and red marble, will defiantly give it a try!
Thank you!

that would be awesome, give me the details and ill be glad to build a few!

I painted the floors a darker red colour (two red, one black) and I must say it looks rather amazing! Thanks for the suggestion, @Appi


@XtremeGaming You might want to take a peek at this.


Are you gonna put up a new pic? You should keep the old one up and put the new/updated one in a spoiler below it!


good idea, I will once its complete! Ive been busy building spawns on servers lol


I love the limestone idea. I never thought of that…


I love the castle, especially its shape!

It’s so beautiful.

Well done! :smiley: