What do YOU like about The Blockheads?

The title says it all. What do YOU like about the Blockheads? Is it the 2D feel to the game, the vast multiplayer system, or all of the endless possibilities you have? I’d love to hear from you all :slight_smile:

Also, I’m specifically asking for positive aspects of the game, just to be clear.


the community, I know you can just have a community in the blockhead’s forums, but in-game community is just much better. playing while listening to music has a really good vibe :rofl: I use this game for vibing purposes. :laughing:


The more realistic crafting times!
I’m minecraft it’s a bit fake because you can make a pickaxe in 1 sec :rofl:


What’s better about the in-game community?

I have 2 things I like that actually stand out to me and make me wanna play when I can. I like how you can still be in the classic mode so you could see things like how they were before, my eyes react better that way. Then I like how you could change the colors of the blockheads outfits, their hair color/style, their skin. Tbh I always have my blockheads the exact same way in every server I join, I don’t like changing them because I feel like I’d be betraying them :joy:


I like the 2D feel of it because you cant really get lost (unlike minecraft where I always seem to get lost while looking for recourses), and also the community.


Since the beginning I have loved that it was a mobile friendly game. The scale on a small screen is spot on and the mechanics of playing make it very playable. Like LizerdsTree said, the 2D feel further enhances the mobile-friendly aspect by making it hard to get lost and easy to navigate, yet with endless possibilities of where to explore and what to do. I think that sums it up for me. (And I didn’t even mention handcars!)


I like the community as well, along with the ability to be in charge of a server. It’s like I can control a whole entire world, while in real life the entire world controls me. Also, UNICORNS :lol:


while the community is good, i’d have to say the game in singleplayer


Wow how ya put so much words


probably because, 1. you know the person is online :laughing:, and 2. you get to interact with them in-game.

vibing purposes is the perfect way to describe it! haha

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hehe :slight_smile:

My little sisters and I like to tell stories about the blockheads and their world. We’ve created an extensive history about the people and civilizations that are connected in our main world, and every time we play, it feels like we’re living on another planet xD it’s super fun and a great way to unwind! So for me, my favorite aspect of the Blockheads is the storytelling that it brought to my family. <3


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Please remove the things you don’t like and answer the question of the thread. The OP is very specific that this is about things you LIKE about the game.