What do you look for in a world?

What do you usually look for in a sever? It could be anything to buildings, spawn, a good community, ect. I want to create the perfect sever for everyone to get along.
Possibly even, to meet my old friends. I highly doubt they would want to talk to me again due to how rude I was in the past but, anyways!
What do you consider as a perfect sever? What makes you want to stay in the sever?
Let me know please
This is serious.


Hello! Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay here.
For a good server, I usually look for a nicely built spawn, nice welcome message, and kind mods/admins.
It’s also great if you can have a starter pack with some interesting things in them, such as pole items, portal, trade portal, jetpack etc.
It’s also nice if a server can have an official discord too, and a forums thread. It helps people know about the server.
Hope this helped :slight_smile:


Well, you should make sure to be careful who you chose as an administrator. Some people like to abuse their position and cause chaos throughout the server.


Yea… welcome to the forums! Don’t get many people around these parts. Have this cookie :cookie:

A perfect server to me is an anarchy with balance check out “for the Worthy” and their rules

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i think because it’s a server it’s not just about it’s psychical assets, the staff have to be willing to follow rules just like anyone and not be abusing their power, but the owner needs to be reasonably active and oversee that fact is true

i think a nice welcome message counts in the favor, and that includes not only a reasonable amount and subtext of rules but also the fact they are enforced to the best of abilities in the individual’s power, it should also be noted that punishment is still just but not without being strict

balancing all that i think one of the most important things is a theme, if something doesn’t have a cover or some kind of face to show what it’s for, then yes it’s not normally of interest, but getting more specific than just ‘Survival World’ (bad example, you get the point), is something much more attractive to people


Hello! Thank you for the warm welcome thank you for the advice!!! Very much needed :slight_smile:

Oh I know that lol, I have had multiple cases where people would abuse their powers and I would have to ban them in the past and feel bad for doing so. Thank you for the advice

Haha I’ve been stalking before I have joined the forums, thank you for the amazing cookie!
I see, I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

When I look for a server, I am looking for a server where everyone earns everything that they have.

I like a server where everyone has to work for what they want. I do not like a server that provides to people with “starter packs”. Maybe a small kit like clothes, some food, and a little bit of money would be acceptable, but not too much that it spoils the game.

Welcome message doesn’t really matter to me or the spawn.


For me, it’s about presentation, accessibility, and activity.
Presentation - the same as what others above me have said. Nice looking welcome message and spawn. It shows you put effort and care into the world.
Accessibility - being able to get to playable land. Some owners put soooo many protection signs around spawn, it feels like you have to walk an hour away before you can start playing. Of course you wanna protect spawn and some main buildings around it, but you also want to let people interact and be able to play.
Activity - it’s fun to play with others and to know that the place you’re spending time building in is being looked after. That means having an active owner or active, trustworthy, admins.


Ah! I see! That reminds me of a sever that I have been playing on that makes you work your way out of spawn, it’s really cool

I see!!! That makes sense :>

even if there aren’t too many servers active it’d be worth noting there are still very good ones out there, so have hope you’ll find one

Like this one! :wink:

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