What do you think blockheads would be like on a smart fridge?

How different would it be? Would you play it like this?


Yes I would. I could grab some food while my steam generator is being crafted

Wait, is this a joke or has some lunatic cinvented a smart fridge?

Well, they can do a lot of things other than refrigerate your food.

Well DOOM can run on a Samsung Smart Fridge so yes.

Samsung smart fridges are things and they run android

No Samsung has it has like a tv on it. Maybe it could play BH

I thought they run Tizen?

All I want is an iFridge with Siri support running on FridgeOS

If only Apple had a reason to create that… :lol:

I don’t know, but I’ve played geometry dash on my friend’s samsung smart fridge. Crashed at 96%.


I want to run RTX blockheads on a smart fridge

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I will never have IoT devices on my network, so it would be single player only here :upside_down_face:

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