What does it take to beat expert mode?

Export mode requires far more upgrades in order to get everything in the game. The workbench in particular requires an upgrade for every single bench.

I wanted to know how many resources were required to completely upgrade all benches (ignoring TP / portal)… so I wrote down all the upgrades (I really didn’t expect that to take ~8 hours…) and wrote a script to figure it out.

Well, it turns out you need quite a few items.

Item Count
Amethyst 30
Black Sand 325
Clay 146
Coal 1142
Copper Ore 870
Diamond 44
Dirt 21
Dodo Egg 101
Emerald 29
Flax 145
Flint 10
Gold Ore 180
Iron Ore 1101
Lapis Lazuli 1
Leather 25
Limestone 457
Marble 15
Oil 479
Pine Cone 10
Platinum Ore 5
Raw Fish 90
Red Marble 1
Ruby 35
Sand 341
Sapphire 30
Stick 31
Stone 40
Tin Ore 990
Titanium Ore 80
Tomato 1
Wheat 10
Wood 125
Worm 30
Yak Shavings 10

Now that you have all the benches in the game… what if you want to craft a jetpack? Well… that’s not too bad in terms of raw materials.

Item Count
Coal 250
Oil 850
Titanium Ore 45

What if you want a backup max level workbench? Its a bit cheaper this time since you can use electric benches earlier.

Item Count
Amethyst 6
Black Sand 271
Clay 51
Coal 309
Copper Ore 105
Diamond 6
Dirt 1
Dodo Egg 100
Emerald 6
Flax 80
Flint 5
Gold Ore 50
Iron Ore 154
Lapis Lazuli 1
Limestone 154
Marble 10
Oil 264
Platinum Ore 5
Raw Fish 100
Red Marble 1
Ruby 6
Sand 250
Sapphire 6
Stick 11
Tin Ore 305
Titanium Ore 5
Tomato 1
Wheat 10
Wood 64
Worm 10

Last but certainly not least, since gems can be difficult to find in long running worlds, and gold tools can provide gems, what do you need to go from zero to gold tools?

Item Count
Amethyst 4
Clay 46
Coal 134
Copper Ore 55
Diamond 1
Dirt 16
Emerald 1
Flax 85
Flint 10
Gold Ore 30
Iron Ore 80
Leather 20
Ruby 2
Sapphire 2
Stick 31
Stone 25
Tin Ore 30
Wood 53

I was going to make a nice UI so you could look up whatever you wanted… but it turns out that it requires some manual tweaking to get good results out of what I created, and making a UI for that requires way more time than I have at the moment. If you want to play with the code/data, I put it all up on GitHub.

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