What does (Null) mean?


I tried to join two different servers. It kicked me completely out of BH when I tried. One I rarely go to, the other I go to fairly often. It says (null) after my IGN. Why is it doing this? It’s only doing this on these two worlds… thx I have an iPhone 6 Plus, with latest updates


It does this on servers that you haven’t joined in a while (not sure why it happened if you go there often). Just join with the same name and you’ll be back to normal.


I was there two days ago. I tried to rejoin right after it shut BH down, and it did it again…,?:woman_shrugging:


That spawn looks real familiar. I hope ya got back in!!!


Just find the server in advanced search and rejoin.It should resolve the issue.
The cause of this is unknown but Null usually means no data.


Yeah, it does. :thinking:


She, fairly so I guess, blocked the name of it, yet if it’s the one I’m thinking of, there shouldn’t be any issues with it.



I had a similar issue and the solution provided by you worked fine for me. Thanks a lot!!


Not yet. :roll_eyes:


Yes, StormRhyder, it’s the server you’re referring to. :blush: I’ll try again… I just tried again. Kicked me out, again. It didn’t say I couldn’t join, it shut down BH! Annoying.,


Are you able to try Forget World on both affected worlds and then search it again and rejoin?

Also have you try joining with a different IGN?


I was able to log in without issues. Yer still whitelisted. Hit me up on Discord if yer still having problems.


I didn’t ‘forget’ the server. I just went to advanced, looked it up, and rejoined. It worked. And the previous disappeared. All is well in my world again… :woman_shrugging: