What Each Block Says

Each block has it’s own style, and blocks that go well with it.

Copper and tin are industrial yet warm. They’re good for building factories when mixed with brick blocks, and machines, such as massive robots and old-fashioned sea vessels. Builds that use copper and tin look great with steam generators and wires.

Iron and bronze are more cold industrial. It can be used to build metal houses, sewers, and factories. It’s shiny and metallic, but not modern. Good for more foreboding or dystopian builds. Metalwork benches level 1 or 2 are very fitting for this block choice, but O wouldn’t recommend using a mix of both. I using a few big elevators and a bunch of little ladders painted black look great with this style.

Iron and titanium are intense and hardcore. These are best for modern-warfare builds, such as modern battleships and bunkers. They don’t look as good with steam generators and wires, but electric furnaces very successfully complete builds that use those materials. However, titanium blocks shouldn’t be used very much, but it looks best to use titanium pillars instead of iron pillars. Steel downlights and elevators make it look even more intense.

Marble and wood is a warm yet modern look that’s sort of fancy. This build fits best in an area with compost instead of dirt, and soft beds instead empty beds. But make sure you only use the marble as the frame, and the wood as the back walls. If you’re building a small hut with this block set, put marble staircases in the outer corners of the build. Windows and steel lanterns don’t fit with every block choice, but they really fit with this one.

The fanciest block choice is marble and sandstone lit by diamonds and diamond chandeliers. This is great for building huge mansions with pillars and domes. One style for smaller builds is to make 3 block tall rooms, with sandstone floors, a layer of sandstone back wall right above the floor, and make the rest out of marble.

A simple yet warm block choice is wood frame with limestone back wall. It looks best with wooden staircases and ladders. Slanted roofs and brick chimneys complete small builds that use this style. Oil lamps give it a bright yet warm feel. Pizza ovens can be used as fireplaces, or heat generators in cold areas. Woodwork benches also fit.

The most modern build is marble and diamond blocks. One style for this build is building a marble structure, then lining it with diamond on the inside. Only lining the floor also works. Diamond chandeliers don’t look modern, so using them isn’t as fitting as it sounds, however, lighting uses normal diamonds works well.

A jungle themed build requires wood and bricks mixed with compost. The thing about jungle builds is that you can build them in many different styles. One style is to build a wooden house on stilts or on a tree, then mixing in some compost. Water and plants are must-haves for jungle builds.

Marble mixed with a lot of gold makes a nice Greek themed build. Golden swirl patterns work and marble back wall carved into pillars work the best. Make sure to use a golden bed.


Do you have any pictures of a building like that? I am interested.

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Don’t forget gravel! Gravel has many uses thanks to a clever use of paint. The texture of gravel is unique and natural and can accentuate a build in a number of ways. Painted blue it can form simulated water, for waterfalls or fountains. Painted green it can form giant permanent trees which is great for treehouses. Painted brown it can add texture to gardens, or make fake trees (also for treehouses). Left as gray it can bring a bit of variety to a cave, or provide the base of a man made sky island.
So many uses!


Thanks for the tip.