What even 1.7 server credit!?


K I need to know

How Does Server Credit Work In 1.7

Idk exactly how it works, but I think you have to pay real cash money to create servers, but you still use TC to sustain them and keep them running after initial creation.

Am I right? Bc if not, my server is probably going to end up dead lol @-@

Aaaaahhh help


You do not use TC in anyway to maintain a server for credit. You have to pay for one using your google play account/Apple ID account.

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That sucks!! :ouch:

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You can awlways steal ur moms credit card

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WELP! Y’know what that means!

Let’s start watching some 20 TC videos and stick up my server

Best advice ever. I’m reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy starting to like you…


I think it is. Take a look:

I couldn’t get the quote to work, so here’s a screenshot and a link:

Man I am doomed bc I can’t spend money on IAP’s

Yes, but the server credit is for good. Everybody cloud server made with TC is more money Dave has to pay to keep them up. If you want the game to stay alive, he has to get rid of the servers with bad owners. The update will get rid of bad servers and make the good ones stay active (although some of us will lose servers, despite us not always being a bad owner).

At least we can say bye to dating and anime servers…

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Step 1: Dave makes your server private
Step 2: Pay dave
Step 3: Dave makes your server public again

If you dont pay dave he will delete your server

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lol the end sounds cruel

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Please don’t post complete fabrications as though they are fact. It is unhelplful.

Worlds that run out of credit after 1.7 will remain the same as they are when they run out of credit now. At some point in the future we will start deleting worlds that have been inactive the longest, but those active now will be waaaaaay down the list, since there are hundreds of thousands of worlds that have been inactive for a long time.