What happened? My server is broken!

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I’m confused, is it because you disliked spawn or is there something really wrong about your server? @the_juicey_ace

The spawn got hacked.

Also no need to repost this twice, @the_juicey_ace

Thanks! I had found the thread before the other thread where I didn’t know what happened.

A hacker destroyed it

What is the world’s name?
Edit: Just found the first thread, the name is Gem Ship Hunt if anyone else was wondering :smiley:

If a hacker destroyed your server, you could PM Milla the server name, and your user, so she could set back to a previous save. I’ve been told that’s possible, I am pretty sure it is.

Sorry platypus my server is private, i will post about it when it is public again

Really?! I have been on a server called Gem Ship Hunt before, built a nice house and all, but the spawn was amazing! If this is world I am think of… 0~0 that must have been some hacker.