What happened to the server “Amaze”

this is what showed up when I searched up a server I used to always go on called Amaze, I’m not sure if it’s something to do with the game or something with my IPhone 8, because when I went on my old IPod it showed up

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They must have changed the server to private or changed the name altogether. If you can see it on your iPod, check to see if you can join.

If you know the PvP setting, rules setting and expert mode setting, maybe try to choose the correct setting instead of “either”. I know @flippy_hippy had some trouble finding a server a few days ago and that’s what he did for it to show up

Or ask @Louz since she is the owner

It’s still there, but it’s private.

Oh, why did she set the server to private?

Oops sorry Ski, yes recently I decided to check in on amaze and I put it on private thinking no one uses it.
I can change it back if you still visit.


ok, I may or may not have forgotten the forums exist hence why i didn’t respond earlier

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