What happens if TBH be completely free


To be honest TBH is a pay to win game.
You cant make a server without a credit card.
What happens if making server is with time crystals.And what happens if we get time crytals by caving , mining etc.?


How will making a server help you win?




You win fun


So you’re saying owning a server is fun? Including hackers, some annoying players, etc.


You don’t need to own a server. U can get admin on a server and it feels like owner


Yes. …


I’m sorry, but owning a server is not winning. It’s a perk which consumes server resources on cloud servers that Dave pays for.

The game CAN be completely free if you use a Mac server or play single player, or just play on existing servers run by others. This isn’t that much different from Minecraft. I pay about the same per month for the smallest 4 user server.


Well. If servers are free, or use tc (which is essentialy the same thing) then sooner or later the cloud, which costs money every month to run, will cease to be self-sufficient. I would imagine that not long after that happens, the cloud will be shut down, and Mac servers will be the only multiplayer option.

I see this as being the eventual future of TBHs anyway, as the game ages and people move on to other games. Hopefully, it wont happen for a looooong time, and anything that pushes that out farther I’m all for.


Just so you don’t have to read the entire thing, what about games like Minecraft or any other multiplayer game with similar functions? You have to host your own server- it’s not like Hypixel was made for free. Look at it as an opportunity to make the best of a server you don’t own. After all multiplayer is just half the game- you can still play on singleplayer. I have plenty of fun offline just with SPs. I restart fairly often when I reach ruby and it gets boring and I try to challenge myself with different obstacles.


When I owned a server it was great, so I agree with Dabbe.


But it’s not an essential to win the game, it doesn’t really give you the option to make special benches or anything just for being owner.


I don’t have a credit card and I help my friends support their servers. You can transfer real money into credit. Use gift cards.

How to pay for server credit:

Step 1: Create an apple ID

Step 2: Find a $20 bill

Step 3: Buy and redeem gift card

Step 4: Pay

Done. Aslong as you know your home adress and postal code, you can pay for litteraly anything without anyone knowing.


Is that all anybody cares about anymore? Having a server?


I don’t own any server (only private ones on my own Mac). Not because I can’t fund it, but because I know I don’t have the time to maintain it. Yet, not owning a server doesn’t stop me from enjoying the game. There are so many servers owned by forumers that each has its own fun little twist, and most importantly, each having a great community. That’s what makes this game fun. Power isn’t everything. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying this game that has so much to enjoy and has so much potential.


Heard of Mac servers?


Yes i heard


Owning a server is not as fun as you would think if you take it seriously and want spawn to look nice. People grief, hack, betray, it’s annoying. Reasons why I stopped funding mine.


if tc is free , there is not hackers

I changed my mind.Free servers are bad idea.
But free tc is a good idea (you get tc from mining,caving etc.)


People hack because they can. I used to play a completely creative mode only game and people still hacked it. Like, why? You already have everything to begin with.