What happens when I get to the end of a world?

Like, if I have a 1/4 map does it go on or have an unbreakable wall or does it keep going in loop or what?

It loops around, you can keep walking left or right and eventually end up where you started at. I don’t now exactly how the mechanic of it work but the seam for the loop is at the North Pole.

It loops in a very literal way at the North Pole. This is why things often glitch or go wrong there. If you cross the “seam” you are travelling to the other end of the world all at once.

Like the magma circle?

Imagine if you will, a very wide piece of paper. Now circle it back around to make a wide tube shape and connect the two edges. That will be the North Pole. Now, we are all just specks on that paper, with the sky at the top and the magma at the bottom.

Now a 1/4 size world would be something like a legal sheet of paper wrapped into a tube. But a 16x world is so wide that the looped paper looks more like a ribbon in comparison.

Next, Dave stuffs those pieces of paper into a big computer and places cameras everywhere to monitor what we are doing in order to show us on our video device “windows”. He also somehow links up little brain controllers to our devices so that we can tell ourselves what to do inside this big paper loop.

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I looked at this thread and was like, “You fall off.”

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Don’t we all

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