What happens when you tame a cave troll?

I haven’t really tamed any animals or anything before, and i recently came across a cave troll. I trapped it and think I know how to tame it, but it’s a lot of work so i’m not really sure if it’s worth it. What happens when you tame one? Is it useful?

There isn’t much “use” to taming them. They stop attacking you, and you’re able to ride them around. Not much else other than that.

It’s helpful on servers since they leave when you leave, so other players can’t kill them when you’re gone.

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It basically just like a fun little pet

I’d think it’s more of a flex


They chase others though, i’ve had some fun with that. They make great guards for when you’re online and want to protect something.


A fun little pet that will ravage everything in sight… :lol:

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it still hurts things that aren’t you, i don’t think they’ll hurt anything while you’re riding them even though that’d be cool… but yeah the patience to do that is a definitive flex

They don’t attack you and you tame them with gold coins okay? And you might be able to ride them just search timeless and ask the owner Boujeez to tell you okay?

They will attack you if they’re untamed.

What if they kill the cave troll? That would be sad.

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