What have been your noob moments in the game


Spent the majority of my life as a blockhead creating stacks and stacks of ladders, determined to go as high as I could. Satisfied with my ladders I went up and up until suddenly ‘WHY THE HECK AM I LOSING HEALTH!?’
Haha… good times…

What are your "N00B" moments?

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When I had no idea what trains were,my brother came across a server full of them.He showed me and I was like,“HUH…NO WAY!!BUT HOW!!!”.OMG I always laugh with my siblings about this one:
So I didn’t know you could spawn donkeys,and “fortunately” for me,I discovered a bunch of them across this really massive ocean filled with at least 200 sharks.I wanted to have donkeys back home so I decided I would “take some across the ocean”…:confounded:You can already guess where this is going…So I uh…Kinda tried to ride it across…aaaanddd…That didn’t go too well.It took so looooong!!And it wasn’t even worth it!!The donkey died when we got home.You’de probably think I learned my lesson after that,but NOPE.I was so desperate I dug a tunnel.The tunnel also didn’t work out.I feel embarrassed but it’s still kinda funny.This was yeaaars ago.Yes I’ve finnaly learned my lesson…I think…maybe…I wasn’t that smart as you can tell and still am not right now.:joy::confounded::sweat::roll_eyes:I’ll be honest,I’ve had MANY more moments.These are the ones that come to mind all the time.


I thought vanilla meant the ice cream, don’t judge me.


Lol I always think of vanilla ice-cream when I hear vanilla.:joy:


Just lying in a wooden bed, nothing bad at all, and oh I’m a bit warm- oh it’s just the campfire burning me.


I’m used to the term vanilla in reference to games. It means the standard, base unit. I first heard it in relation to the game Quake. After id Software released Quake a version of it called QuakeWorld came out, so after that people referred to Quake as vanilla Quake.


I used to think there were zombies and other hostile creatures in the game, so I’d climb up fruit trees and stay there for the night, then come down when it was morning.


Too bad the trees are one of the most dangerous places!


When I JUST started the game I made a campfire, I placed it down then… “Why is it so bright, Oh no.

What are your "N00B" moments?

First world I ever made. When I was making my house, I never thought to interact with the campfire, so I never knew about torches. Instead I strategically placed campfires everywhere in my house to illuminate it.


I kept making bronze ingots and was wondering why I was so low on tin


That sounds too noob to be true


When I first started I called drop bears tree bears


I used to call them gorillas


I thought they were werewolves.


I thought they were koalas


Dropbears are just evil koala bears.


Now please get back on topic :slight_smile: