What have you always wanted to do in a welcome message?


Is there a way to make Javascript popups have different buttons other than ok and cancel? Such as for the server voting popup?


Nope. Not the native browser popup at least.

It is possible to make your own “popup” and style however you like, but you can’t modify the browser’s default confirm / alert implementations.


Something I have always wanted is a working auto updating staff list
(Auto-updating .txt file)


I think I have done somthing like this before. You could probably host a .txt file on box.com (they are the only ones I could find that worked in iframes) and have it display in an iframe on the welcome message. Bibliophile probsbbly has a better suggestion for this though.


This isn’t possible without a much more complicated solution… You’d have to have a device constantly watching the owner portal for changes to the staff list and updating a file somewhere that you can display. It’s possible, sure, but it would be much less work to update it manually.


That’s an easy one:

  #spoiler {
    color: #fff;


Fairly easy again:

  var spoiler = document.getElementById('spoiler')
  spoiler.innerHTML += 'Extra stuff'


I can’t figure out how to get text on the welcome message. :thinking:
On a more serious note, well I had one until I figured out I put a space in the wrong place.


Why doesn’t this work?


That colon is probably supposed to be a slash.

I can’t test it to be sure though as I refuse to type that out by hand - if you include the code as text I can look into it


<audio autoplay>
<source src= "https://m.soundcloud.com:chopin-frederic/raindrop-prelude.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

If I’ve made a mistake sorry I’m just trying to help out lol


I just took a look at this - you can’t link to soundcloud for an audio file. They don’t allow it. If you want to use that song you need to find a different source, or host it yourself.


Oh, ok. Thanks!


That’s pretty easy, this will be both letters & numbers, but only lowercase letters.

alert(Math.random().toString(36).substr(2, 6))


paste this where you want it.

<div id="support-code">
document.getElementById("support-code").innerText = Math.random().toString(36).substr(2, 6)

if you want it to only display when tapped, use this:

<div onclick="innerText = Math.random().toString(36).substr(2, 6); removeAttribute('onclick')">
  click to reveal code.


this thread is so awesome!! is there anyone who is willing to help me with my welcome?

this looks amazing @nothingwhatsoever :heart_eyes:


…oh well then…then it looks rubbish…:joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t think I ever joined Atmos, no clue what that WM looked like.

Moving individual letters isn’t possible without a lot more markup. Fading backgrounds in can be done with basically the code I posted earlier for fading between slideshows.


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Just ask the almighty God @Bibliophile anything you want to do in a WM!