What have you always wanted to do in a welcome message?


Are you using a background color, or image?


That’s not directly possible. The opacity property applies to elements - it can’t apply to “part” of an element.

The easiest way of doing something like that (besides actually saving a partially transparent image) would be to have the text in a separate element from your background image and using relative positioning to put it in the right place.

(It is technically possible to use one element, but it seems a bit hacky to me. See this SO question)


You have to plug the server into BlockheadsFans first.


Simple enough, assuming you aren’t using <center> anywhere in your page:

#spoilerButton, center {
  color: white;

Possible sure, much easier to just put the text on the image though.


I could help.


Is there any way to get the links at the bottom to be in a black font?


Unfortunately Dave used an inline style so this requires a bit of JS.

  addEventListener('load', function() {
    document.querySelectorAll('a[style]').forEach(function (el)     {
      el.style.color = '#000000'


would anyone be able to quickly make the coding for me to put these images in my welcome message please?


I would really appreciate it as i have been trying and failing for the last few weeks.


All you need is to put this code in your welcome message:

<img src="" alt="" />

You need to put the image source (URL) inside the " under src="". I also recommend putting alt="" so people know what the image is suppose to be if it doesn’t load. Inside the " under alt should be a descriptive message of the image.