What have you always wanted to do in a welcome message?


I think I have done somthing like this before. You could probably host a .txt file on box.com (they are the only ones I could find that worked in iframes) and have it display in an iframe on the welcome message. Bibliophile probsbbly has a better suggestion for this though.


This isn’t possible without a much more complicated solution… You’d have to have a device constantly watching the owner portal for changes to the staff list and updating a file somewhere that you can display. It’s possible, sure, but it would be much less work to update it manually.


How do I make this text white for the settings without disturbing the top section.

I do want to keep this background from ambience but it’s gonna have some problems in the future.

What I mean is not touching the “rules: custom” or “welcome to eternal Memories” text


That’s an easy one:

  #spoiler {
    color: #fff;


Thank you :slight_smile:


if its okay this will be my last request so i don’t annoy you

is there a way to edit the “rules: custom” and the settings in show more info because i may put my creation date under welcome to eternal memories!


Weird. :confused: haven’t received the message yet


Probably busy.


Fairly easy again:

  var spoiler = document.getElementById('spoiler')
  spoiler.innerHTML += 'Extra stuff'


Thank you. I deleted one thing requesting a little bit of code that was not mentioned. But I can make this work :slight_smile:


I can’t figure out how to get text on the welcome message. :thinking:
On a more serious note, well I had one until I figured out I put a space in the wrong place.


Why doesn’t this work?


That colon is probably supposed to be a slash.

I can’t test it to be sure though as I refuse to type that out by hand - if you include the code as text I can look into it


<audio autoplay>
<source src= "https://m.soundcloud.com:chopin-frederic/raindrop-prelude.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

If I’ve made a mistake sorry I’m just trying to help out lol


I just took a look at this - you can’t link to soundcloud for an audio file. They don’t allow it. If you want to use that song you need to find a different source, or host it yourself.


Oh, ok. Thanks!


is it possible that you could make me a code for my server that randomly generates a code that is 6 digits like a support id? if so please tell me the code. it can either be numbers, letters or both


and it randomly generates every time you leave the wm


That’s pretty easy, this will be both letters & numbers, but only lowercase letters.

alert(Math.random().toString(36).substr(2, 6))


like on the welcome message, not as a popup alert.

i should have stated that out :confused: @Bibliophile


Sorry if I’m impatient but I’m not going to complain more. But I want the code to display where you see "code: " and not as a pop up.