What I ran into in expert survival


Cold. Alone. Knee-deep in snow.

Crafting recipes are ridiculous!

I think that is down there just to tease me…

I almost lost here. (Stupid bears…)

And that’s not the whole story, but I don’t want to bother posting all the details right now…


Its good to post some details how you survive in Expert mode! :wink: glad you know now how hard is expert mode a lot of changes to hard way! So good luck you can seach some threads too for expert mode it will help you too.


I wish you good luck!


What a bad seed to start in!


() - me

How to make a flint spade! (okay then)

You need:

Wood x2 (seems reasonable)
Flint x4 (okay…)
Flax x1 (wait what?)



I used to play way before 1.7 and during the 1.6 updates I became uninterested an stopped playing for a while. When 1.7 dropped, I created an expert mode world. Now I can’t seem to enjoy normal survival as much as expert.


How did you get gold to spawn so high? Don’t know why people calling that unlucky.


The ore chance on expert mode worlds has been increased.


my expert survival:
ok ima get some dirt for a workbench.
gets dirt and goes to portal
WHATTTTTTT!!! oh well gonna go get the other stuff i need
when i get my workbench
when I get a campfire
Seriously I have to upgrade my campfire?

A few days later I come back and take on the challenge. I am now workbench level 8 or so


Hah, I know, right??
Getting leather was no fun without bow and arrow.
Climbing trees to kill dropbears with a spear and no armor. :dead:


Hint- if you don’t mind farming Donkeys, this is a much safer way to gather leather in the early game.


There seemed to be less donkeys, or they were too far away and I didn’t want to bother with it I guess. :raspberry:


I just burn the bottom of their trees. Whatever gets the job done :stuck_out_tongue:


My honest tip is to plant and farm as much flax as possible. Flax seems to be the one thing I never have enough of in my expert world.


That was one of the first things I did. No trouble with that.