What I’ve been working on

Hey it’s Sen, I’ve haven’t been on as much because I’m currently overseas. But since Blockheads can still be played offline here’s what I’ve been working on

Glass Kingdom village

I wanted to make an entire Village dedicated to my favorite blocks, marble and glass. :smiley:

Right now I only finished the servant chambers and green house

Dodo and Tulip Farm

I don’t know anything about tulips, so I decided to go all out and try to attempt to make decent combos

Also made this flower cafe for gardeners to relax

(Dodo farm not finished yet)

If I don’t respond to anybody it’s because I lost internet. I hope to be back as soon as possible though



I love your use of unique materials! :star_struck:

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Now hol up if you are currently over seas and can’t play BH online then how can you post from your phone? :question: amazing builds btw

Your buildings look amazing! :slight_smile:

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Having network to browse the web is not necessarily the same as having gaming bandwidth. Please stay on topic.

It’s easy to get connection on my phone bc I have android. My tablet is Apple so I have to wait until I get WiFi connection. Sorry for the confusion

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Oh it’s cool. Thx for explaining!