What if _ had feelings?


What if the forums had feelings?
Forums: I love these suggestions and photos!! I will make this post shine like a star! Changes reply list color from grey to yellow beautiful


What if cameras had feelings
“I’ve seen too much”


soooo true hahahahaha


What if zucc juice had feelings?


What if phones had feelings?

“Hey man, what are yo – oh come on! Facebook again? Jeez, that’s like all you do! Oh man, now you are gonna youtube cat videos. I’m sick and tired of those! Oh, now you are gonna take selfies! Ugh!”


What if your toilet seat had feelings?


What if toilet paper had feelings >:]


Toilet paper: no. No, Nooo, Noooooo, NOOOOOOOOO!


If mirrors had feelings
Bleh, who is that ugly creature?


what if water had feelings?

(between the water cycle alone, sounds pretty brutal)