What if pizza overcharged hunger?


Gathering resources for pizza is a fun process that involves many mechanics, and even has a dedicated bench for it.

However, despite the effort involved, pizza doesn’t compare well against mass harvested fruits and vegetables.

Wouldn’t it be neat if pizza overcharged your hunger like dodo stew and fish curry?

I think this way pizza would still be worth making late game since while complicated, it doesn’t need iron pots.


A single slice would overcharge your Blockhead?


Making the hunger bar yellow? Like the dodo stew and fish curry…


Why not two?


Most people usually get full I believe by eating 1 or 2 pizzas, so it makes sense.

In real life I eat 8 pizzas every time we have them.

Correct me if I mistook this


The OP already explained that, being the effort it takes to make a pizza.


It doesn’t require too much effort.


Actually, Pizzas shouldn’t be just a slice, since you use all the resources you need to craft a whole pizza, you can’t get just a slice…