What If Servers Were An IAP?

What if servers were an in-app purchase and in order to maintain it, you used TC. As of 9/28/20, the only way to get TC is by buying it or watching ads. I feel that if this was implemented into the game, more people would buy and watch TC videos- allowing for more revenue off the game. Just a thought!

This used to be a feature I think

U used to make servers with tc if u didn’t know that I was playing back than back when u had servers with 16 ppl on it,back in the good days


You can still very easily pirate time crystals using various methods, so I don’t think that’d be a good idea.


you can still pirate the iaps for servers, there are too many apps which depreciate the value of various purchases to 0, yes, it’s illegal, but right now it’s not the fbi’s problem… or anyone’s for that matter, so really there’s not too much to be done about it

As we’ve seen from Dave’s TC to IAP change, cheating the developer ultimately hurts the players because the game changes to our own detriment, or even shuts down as I’ve seen with other games.

If it weren’t for all the TC pirates and hackers, we would still be happily using TC to fund our servers.

and @be_free_no_rules if you are REALLY old school, you might recall before the cloud, we had to use credit cards and pay a monthly subscription to a different server provider that hosted worlds for Majic Jungle.

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no doubt, just seems as though most people aren’t nearly as aware of this as you and i, and surely plenty more people here