What if the blockheads had more pets and places

what would you think if there where wolves/dogs in the blockheads or other planets or cats

it would be awsome to have a dog folowing me on my journys

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Yes it would be cool also switch from forums games to suggestions

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ok il do it now

done i did it but maybe there should be more kind of torches too

Ice torches are another type.

yes but more than just torches and ice torches

When creating a suggestion, I’d suggest explaining what you want specifically

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gem torches would be cool


Merged double posts.

Yeah, a companion that’ll follow you while exploring would be cool. I’m thinking turtles, snakes, a giraffe too maybe lol


like maybe dogs cats birds

maybe they could add tameble and rideble dinosours

and they would also protect you if you tame them

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