What if they forget i play on their world?


I play on a server called Party Island and the owners name is BrightPain and I was just playing this server last night and I don’t know how to get in contact with the owner to re add me. Can someone help?


Sorry, but there’s no way to get into contact to the owner unless it’s via chat or on a external app (e.g Discord)

I guess you gonna have to wait until the whitelist is off :cry:


This is upsetting it says 6 people are playing


The joined count doesn’t work sometimes

(editing so no double post) @WumboJumbo Sometimes I see two or more people on a server. I join. When I join, there’s no one there. Just me and my dirt house…




I even tried a brand new account but still doesnt work


It’s a whitelist, which means the owner has to choose that account so you can play on that world.


The thing is i dont even know if they will remember to re add me thats the thing


It might only be temporary. I do that sometimes after a hacker attack while I clean up.

Do you know anyone else from the server who might have access? Is it a server with a link on blockheadsfans.com?


I know Dark Pain but thats it but i have no way to conact any of them


I’ve private messaged you.


The owner is killing her own server interesting


Not at all. It’s quite active.


I wasn’t being serious


Did it ever get unwhitelisted? Just curious.


No it did not

Im not able to play because its whitelisted so all the stuff i built on there was for nothing


Lmao I kinda feel bad


Well its been almost a week since i couldnt get back on the Party Island server because of it being whitelisted but i see that pwople play on it but im not able to play because the owner would need to re add me back but the stuff i built and the 5 trolls i own on that server were all for nothing makes me upset


Understandably upsetting. Eventually, the owner might un-whitelist his/her server and you can get back on.

Perhaps, if you mention some of the players who played along side you there, someone on forums might know them. Just a thought.


Yeah, that’s entirely possible. I see a lot of players who seem to hop from server to server.