What inspired Dave to make BH

Was he just laying in bed one night with a tall glass of dollar store five hour energy on his bed side and thought, “ima make a game where you can beat people to death with an orange” and got to work??? Idk you tell me :question:


likely he wanted to make a survival game, just like dani or anybody who wants to learn coding

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Well, we can see from the games credits,

Thank you to Notch for creating Minecraft, which inspired me to make the game I always dreamed of making.

i think that was it–

notch… forgot that legend, wish he was still in involved that man was a chad

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A Giga chad at that

I don’t think he would’ve lasted much longer. :man_shrugging:

even if i disagree with his statements i stand by that fact because we wouldn’t have minecraft without him… or blockheads

since when was notch racist