What interior should i add into this building?


Hi! welcome to the forums! How long have you been playing for?

I hope this is helpful!

(in order of top flor to bottom floor)

  1. Electric workbench floor (on the top so solar panels can go on the top.)

  2. Room of paintings of cool pictures you like.

  3. Chest floor for mass storage.

  4. Workbenches that are non-electric, maybe a guest room on the other side if you are into multiplayer, or for multiple of your own blockheads.

  5. Bedroom floor with a mirror, and other bedroom things

  6. Floor of shelves with armor and tools and stuff you need all the time displayed so you can see what you want and get it fast.

I would love to see it when it is all done!

You should add the basic kinds of rooms you’d find in a normal house. Bedrooms and studies come to mind. :slight_smile:

What is wrong with my idea?

I never said that there was something wrong with your idea.

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Titanium and compost look best along with dirt painted white.

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Thx ill sure send another screenshot when I finish putting interior to it :smiley:


I just noticed your username, are you sin from the server infinity? It’s nice to see you if you are, I used to be an admin there by the name of chi

Is infinity the world where they excavated the ground? And had all the lime trees?

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Yes! I used to be an admin for quite a while there, then got into a fight with the owner. I ended up painting the spawn a horrific rainbow as revenge, and ended up banned. :flushed:
Did you play there? If so what name?

(2(0. I was there a while back. Adminship was removed even when I did everything to earn it. Got angry, earned admin back. Broke ownership signs to allow destruction, and banned random admins. Note this was a while back and I realize my actions were not appropriate. I know better now.

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Ah. Guess we both had trouble there then. I think I remember seeing someone by “(2(0” on the adminlist, I’d always check them incase there where any suspicious people on there. We had a bad incident of hackers getting on the adminlist quite a few times, and the co-owner herself ended up having her account hacked. Not good lol

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Admin requirements used to be excavate 100 blocks of stone. Staff there was rude and there was no place to build

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The owner himself was pretty arrogant and sexist, not a fan of him. I do remember we had a “heirachy” and newer admins would mine below the spawn. I had been admin for quite a while there, although I do remember mining there in the beginning.
There was a little “circle” of head admins there, we had some good times together. Some of those people included golden_angel, origami05, sapphire sun, sin, gamarlamar, nora, and thepiggyuff. I was very immature back when I played there, and probably annoyed a lot of people. Apologies to anyone who played there, I was a brat at times.

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Remember one person with a turtle pfp joined. I was on a rampage so they got banned. Did you know them?

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I knew them. For some reason i thought their turtle pfp was a person wearing underwear, since they where holding the turtle between their fingers. I thought the fingers were legs and the turtle was some sort of frilly green underwear. I banned them for innapropriate profile picture. Funny times.

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Almost done, just 2 more bedroom and the electric floor as I dont have enough steel yet becausei just started 1 week ago