What is a cloud server


What is a cloud sever?


A cloud server is a server that’s is hosted on the cloud. They are payed for with time crystals, but they will receive credit through in app purchases in the 1.7 update.

A Mac server is a free server that is hosted on a Mac computer. However, they are not able to be randomly joined or searched due to them not being on the cloud. You must use a link or type in the IP and port to join them.


okay, how do you do make a mac server @nobodyatall …?


I think @Joe made a better guide but I can’t find it.


Here you go : Guide: How to set up a Mac server

When 1.7 launches, Oreo and I will be launching a discord channel for Mac servers where we cover frequently asked questions, offer help in setting up Mac servers, and will have a sub-channel with a list of available servers.


Or use a join link, those work for mac too =3

I am making a mac server list too, like the cloud, but for mac

I probably won’t host it forever, because some people can afford to not use weebly to host a webpage :laughing:

Yeah it’s a work in progress :3