What is a cultral treasure server?



The title mostly says it :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s when Milla permanently funds a server for being historical.


and how doe that happen?


When she decides that it’s worthy of being so.


how many are there?


Only one, as far as I’m concerned.


and thats rabbithole?


I think so.


OK i see


and skeeves


Not sure griffen-land has any historical value in it but it is the 2181th world on the cloud.

And it is the first server i have ever made using legit tcs back in june 04, 2014


Skeeves-Gigantic-Empire was declared a heritage server, which is essentially the same thing as a cultural treasure, it was granted because of its historical value, much like Rabbithole. The 16x railroad, and the many impressive builds like spawn and the royal palace. Rabbithole is the first server to reach the five year mark, and it is very historical, many benches can be removed by anyone because of how the game used to be half a decade ago, so that was declared a cultural treasure. Pixmilla is run by Milla but it’s neither, she just funds that as well. In conclusion, these types of worlds are just ones that are funded by Milla eternally.

Is it hard for a server to become a heritage server?

Thanks, @Brer-Rabbit. Yeah, if a world is exceptional, and has a value beyond that of just being a place to play, I will fund it.

None of my worlds could be considered to be of value in that way. I fund them because it’s a perk of the job not to have to pay for ongoing hosting.


I doubt my server would ever end up there because of my bad reputation.
Its gonna take awhile to clear sadly, as the saying goes: Its hard to build a good reputation but easy to lose it.


what are your worlds called?


To my knowledge, the majority of milla’s multiplayer worlds are private testing ones. However, she has made one public: Pixmilla, a pixel art world.

Although, as milla clarified below me, it is in fact a forums-exclusive whitelisted server, and not truly public.


Yeah, but it’s whitelisted :slight_smile:

It’s purely for the forums community to build in, and it’s not very active. I don’t have time to play there, so a few players admin it for me, when they’re on.


This is not the place to ask. Post to the world thread for it. I have a few to go through there later today.


How does a world become such a cultral trasure?


In essence, a historically significant server or very noteworthy server, or one that has played a major role in the development of The Blockheads’ online community.