What is a way to get attention to a world

(EDIT I think this is probably in the wrong category,sorry! I can’t delete or change it gives an error msg)I was thinking about making a world that revolves around working up from scratch doing the hard blockheads way (no portal chest or dia portal) but in turn you would get actual items for achieving great feats such as rare donkeys,dodos and old items no longer obtainable bc they were patched or something like black pole boots for you to store in a portal chest to keep. Any tips on making it popular-ish?
TL-DL:making server need tips,giving real perms rewards for achievements


Also if u wanted to use a portal chest to store earned goods then you could but you’d have to give the chest back.

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from what i experienced, the more active the owners and admins and mods, the more popular the server will be, you also want loyal staff members.

also from the poll, active owner makes a successful server

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I’m mega active in this game since it’s my #1 mobile game


random people join your world If you have one active player -owner or not-
if you want them to actually stay and play in your server i’d suggest less restrictions (such as the pay for a protection sign rule) and better stuff in the starters.

no one likes being “poor” as you can easily achieve “wealth” in a short period of time by switching to a more giving out server


But if you become rich very easy, what’s the point of playing? Sure there building but at one point it will become boring so not poor but not very mega rich you can buy 9999 jet packs rich seems kind of better to me, TLDR- make wealth Grindy but not too grindy. but that’s an opinion


I understand ya, there are some ways to play around it.
(don’t wanna advertise here) I have seen a server that had an “OTG” (off the grid) for survival only where you can’t bring stuff in it, it was on the very far left side.
while the rest are for free build.

While other servers had their server dedicated to handcar parkour, while also having areas for freebuild.

Because different players likes to do different things, it’s nearly impossible to attract players of all personality, however there are ways to outsmart it i guess.

personally, I like to start off rich and just do free build :laughing: i bet there are others that prefer starting off poor and working their way up.


If you’re active (or have active staff), or have something to work toward, you should have a steady player base.

Might just give it a go after I’ve had my fill of player on other players servers! Thanks all for the tips!

What’s ur world

Haven’t created it yet but will let everyone know if I do

From memory we used to call that WFS, which I think stood for World From Scratch, and it was my favourite way to play. The building up from the basic, without handouts, and with certain limitations on what you could hold in your inventory and use until you found stuff for yourself, suits a lot of players down to the ground.

A good way to get players is to post about it. Post a world thread for it in multiplayer, make a video explaining the world and post it to social platforms, share lots of screenshots, etc. Make sure you are on it a lot or have staff who can be on when you aren’t, so it’s never unsupervised, and be responsive to feedback, even if it’s just explaining why you prefer not to make a suggested change. People like a good world owner.


I think I just an idea for the name of the server when I make it now. “Survival wfs” or something like that

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i’d say to put the word ‘anime’ in it but i do have a mind of my own… as well as morals, without work there is no play

the easiest way to bring attention, keep it public, keep it civilized, set some guidelines down, and the name doesn’t even need to be anything specific, just hook people when inside, that’s how i see it


good one lol, servers based off of anime were so popular!

credits to MGN redeagle for making this video:

Idk how you add your servers on http://blockheadsfans.com/servers/ list, but i guess it could help :laughing:

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Thanks bro for sharing, will check into the vid as well!

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