What is BSD?

43-034 here, played since 7 years ago. So I found this wiki or something relating to a blockheads group called BSD and some other groups. You can look it up if you want to but otherwise I just want to know if any of you know any more info about the group. I managed to find some info to get an idea but I wanna know more about it. I’m guessing the name stands for Blockheads Security Department or something, what do you think?


some sort of •illum1nàt1!!!•

It was a player who tried to police our cloud platform in breach of our policies, and made up the most absurd stories about me, because I banned him for bullying. He thought he could do my job better than me, but he caused floods of scared and upset emails to me from players he’d “managed”.


I cannot find the wiki by looking it up on Google.

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Seems about right

Go to the website called fandom and look up BSD wiki

Everything on the site’s been taken down, which I think is how it should be. The 219 / 220 pages are still there but someone (I believe the one who put up the site in the first place) has deleted its actual content. [EDIT: it seems the character pages remain?]

Originally he used it to create lists of players he found on the Blockheads he considered worthy of “tracking” and/or “punishment”. There were also pages of “soldiers”–fictional characters that were part of different divisions of the supposed BSD, and in true Wikia fashion, they were written as if they were real (backstory, ages, occupations, etc.). Most of their names were derived from his different IGNs and aliases. The wiki site also included writings about technology he had thought of, and the timelines of his different organizations.
While they chronicled the fictional history he had for them, there were also future deadlines the organization was intending to meet–one of them was confidently stating that Milla would be in prison by 2018 and the forums would be shut down. This was around when his main account was first banned from these forums, and I assume that’s where the anger came from.

Last time I checked it out, someone created the 220th page: the page’s contents was about how the writer of that page had their own organization, and that they knew that BSD and every other faction written of was purely fantasy and used to harass people online. But they also accused a member still on the forums of being the guy behind it, and I still wonder if it’s just him yet again, with ANOTHER persona (his own “enemy character”), accusing himself, or if it’s actually someone on to something.

As the accused name hasn’t really been doing much on the forums other than existing, I didn’t really PM milla about it because it seemed like useless information.

Sorry if this composition on BSD is incomprehensible. The “no naming & shaming” rule means more words are required here and there.


No need to apologize, it’s fine and understandable. Thanks for the explanation though, the remaining pages seems to add up with yours and Milla’s info.

I remember seeing the website a few years ago before back when the pages were still up. The one thing that stuck out though was a large list of players which included me, which is also how I managed to find the site in the first place. I didn’t look that much into it to get that much info, and I eventually stopped caring and forgot about it. Found it again today and thanks to you I now understand everything.

You’re welcome, it’s nice to see that this information can be used to put someone at ease. I’m fairly sure he put up everyone he saw that frequented (or maybe just once entered) a server that he personally considered condemnable, because those lists were long. I never got on those lists somehow, although I opposed him a fair bit and even kind of made fun of him on Discord when he invaded a private server to spam it. Not proud of my meanness there, though.

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They have the same profile picture as one of his personas, but I’m not here to accuse anybody of anything. :slight_smile:

dude I think I know you-- :skull:

Kinda wanna see the emails they sent

The irony is that all the threats, attacks, and attempts at propaganda strengthened my relationship with our customers of that time. I doubt that was the intention :upside_down_face:


I just wanna laugh at the emails, besides who would threaten you even though you have more power over them anyways.