What is Expert mode

What is Expert mode?? Pls tell me ASAP

It’s a harder way of playing the game. It takes longer and takes more material to make items also


You also have to get each type of bench in a particular order. You can obtain benches by upgrading your workbench, each level will provide a new bench you can craft (and this new bench must be used to make the materials for the next workbench level upgrade). Workbench upgrades require gems.

Other noticeable differences:

If you chop a tree at its base block, you only get one wood (or two if you use an axe). Any tree block not manually chopped will not drop wood (same with branches)

Ores give less per block

Items and benches are harder to craft and require new materials (leather to craft anything more advanced than stone tools, leather to make chests and shelves)


Have a read of this guide and tips to assist you in your journey into the realm of Expert Mode.


In expert mode, everything takes longer. Stats drain twice as fast, meditation is disabled, and recipes are either more expensive or different. Water farms are impossible, because a water bucket will only fill up if the water it’s scooping up is 90% full, but a lot of recipes require water. Gems are in high demand, because they’re needed for every one of the over 20 workbench upgrades. Enemies are also much harder; a medium sized shark can one shot you.

Oh, I didn’t even know that! :grinning:


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It always bothered me that you could violate the Law of Conservation of Mass by creating water by filling and emptying buckets repeatedly so Dave agreed to make it a feature of Expert Mode that you could no longer do it. (I actually wanted it in Normal Mode :joy:)


Me neither.

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