What is milla email?


Help please I need to email milla? Anyone?


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You can find ways to contact Milla on this thread.


Probably best to PM me here.


Hey milla I need help please!!! For the past three to two days i haven’t been able to get into my blockheads portal setting but only on my dark cloud world. Cuz when I go to the portal then click on setting it gives me a server error 500. I don’t want my world to be backed up because my world isn’t giving me a problem just it won’t let me go into my settings on the blockhead portal. Please help if you can thank you milla!


You should private message her instead of stating your issue here. Just tap/click her name and hit the “message” button that appears in her profile. Explain your problem with as much detail as you can and hit message to send it to her.


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milla I got banned from the blockheads cloud servers because my brother was using my phone and was doing random things on blockheads with his friends then next morning I saw myself banned :frowning::confused::cry:


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