What is the best pickaxe? Blockheads April Advent Calendar (Day 6)

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That has nothing to do with the thread, but today is Monday so, yeah. So in this thread we will be looking at the statistics of every pickaxe and how bad/good each one is. We’re gonna be looking at speed, durability, renewability, and the overall average.

Mining with your hands:

It takes 10 seconds to mine 1 block with your hand. Which means with your hand, you can mine 0.1 blocks per second.

Flint pickaxe:

The flint pickaxe sucks. Never craft it for regular-use mining. If you’re planning on going deep mining, you will be better off just using your fist.

The flint pickaxe has 32 durability, and it mines 0.5 blocks per second.

Stone pickaxe:

The stone pickaxe mined 128 blocks, and it mines 0.8 blocks per second, which means it took 102 seconds to mine all this. But however, you can use all that stone to craft more stone pickaxes

Bronze pickaxe:

(99 * 3) + 45

Which is around 345 blocks

Bronze pickaxe mines 1 block per second, which means the durability runs out in 345 seconds (6 minutes)

Iron pickaxe:

(99 * 9) + (29)

Which is around 920 blocks

The iron pickaxe mines 1 block/second (same as the bronze)

Which means it took 920 seconds for all this (15 minutes) to run out of durability

Steel pickaxe:

(99 * 16) + (99 * 4) + (3 + 24 + 18 + 3)/3

A steel pickaxe has 2000 durability. And it mines 1.5 blocks per second, which means it took me 1334 seconds (22 minutes) for the pickaxe to run out of durability

Gold picaxe:

Gold pickaxe has terrible durability (it can only mine 85 blocks), but, it comes with a lot of rewards. You can definitely use a golden pickaxe for regular mining if you have A LOT of gold. You can even get more gold by mining gold ore with a golden pickaxe. Infinite gold.

And also the gold pickaxe took only 68 seconds to get all this. Which means it can mine 1.25 blocks per second

Titanium Pickaxe:

3 full chests of stone, plus some extras

(99 * 16) * 3 + (99 * 3) + 30 + (99 + 78 + 9 + 99) / 3

Which is roughly 5200 blocks

And it took 2875 seconds (48 minutes) for the titanium pickaxe to run out of durability,

which means on average, a titanium pickaxe mines 1.8 blocks/second

Usually it is way faster, but this test is more accurate, because it counts server lag, and time it actually takes to mine. Of course you can speed it up by drinking coffee and wearing speed boots.




Overall score:

This shows the rank in which each category fits in. (lhigher is better)

The way this is calculated is by each category, every score is divided by the highest score, the highest score in that category is 100%


As you can see here, the best pickaxe in the game is the Titanium pickaxe (obviously)

It’s durability completely counteracts with all the other categories.

However, mining with the hand is surprisingly second place, although mining with the hand has infinite durability and renewability, the mining speed is so bad, that I don’t think it deserves second place.

The second best pickaxe you can craft is the steel pickaxe. If you don’t have access to titanium, steel pickaxe should be the one you use.

And very surprisingly, third place is the gold pickaxe! Who would’ve known?

And up next in fourth place is the stone pickaxe. Although you can very quickly mass-produce stone pickaxes very easily, the mining speed is not too bad when mining stone. The durability might only be 2% of the titanium pickaxe, which means 1 titanium pickaxe is equivalent to 50 stone pickaxes.

#Pros and cons:

Flint pickaxe:


Pros: Nothing

Cons: Everything

Stone pickaxe:

Pros: You can craft so many very quickly, and protentualy have an infitae amount of them

Cons: Slow mining speed

Steel Pickaxe:

Pros: Very fast, very durable

Cons: Difficult to craft

Gold pickaxe:

Pros: Very renewable, you can get many ores from it, free items from basicly no effort

Cons: Difficult to craft

Titanium pickaxe:


Pros: Extremley durable, Extremley fast, very cool, and very end-game


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Goldception! :money_mouth_face:


I do appreciate you putting a lot of effort in this study

and I have one question how many hours did it take for you to finish this?

5 to 6 business days

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Diamond pickaxe is missing!

Everyone knows the diamond pick is op it has near or maybe more than steel pick durability and it’s X6 I mean like titanium doesn’t even stand a chance. :upside_down_face: