What is the best way to get energy?

Back in 2015, @Skeeve made a guide covering how much crafting time you get depending on what bed you sleep in. This was great, but Dave made quite a few changes to energy + crafting time in 1.7, so I decided it was time to repeat the experiment.

All of the below tests were done with double time.
I don’t have a device without double time to compare, but I’d expect it would just cut the crafted items in half. Further, as I mostly play in expert worlds lately, all these tests were done in a survival expert world.

Skeeve’s test used the Skirt of Happiness to eliminate the variable of happiness. I performed the tests twice, once with the skirt and once without it. The results were identical. The blockhead performing each test slept right next to the workbench he would use and crafted until he refused to craft due to exhaustion. Since energy is recovered when eating food, no food was consumed during crafting.

I decided to craft ladders instead of steel ingots because ladders take 10s to craft (2) instead of 30s, making it possible to get a closer estimate to the actual available crafting time.

Energy recovery Ladders Projected time
No bed 80 6m40s
Wooden bed 102 8m30s
Soft bed 134 11m10s
Golden bed 188 15m40s
Coffee 112 9m20s

There’s one notable difference here from Skeeve’s results ages ago. Coffee has been seriously nerfed. It used to be as good as a gold bed, but now getting a good nights sleep in a soft bed is better than drinking coffee.

So what does this tell us? The projected time is the most important column in the above table.
A projected time of 10 minutes means you can queue up crafting tasks for up to 10 minutes, tell your BH to sleep in a bed, and then queue up another 10 minutes of tasks. If you do this, leave the server, and come back later, both sets of crafting tasks will be completed.

An example: I recently opened a coffee shop on a server. Now, coffee requires crafting clay and then cups, crushing and then roasting coffee cherries, and getting wayyy too many buckets of water. I have 3 blockheads, and I can only really manage two at a time, so I like to keep the third one queued up with as many crafting tasks as possible.

The third blockhead will craft 30 clay, nap and repeat 10 times until I have 300 clay. I can then craft 100 cups all at once, nap again and then make coffee. I usually just do coffee cherries for a while until I have a couple stacks, but clay + coffee both require water so I work on those at the same time.

Advent Calendar Day 12


This takes me back to 2013 and my very first server I joined where I set up a coffee shop equipped with a sink and “running water”. Good times, before the trade portal came along and ruined all our money making efforts.

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I faintly remember going to a world with a coffee shop sometime back in 2013…