What is the biggest creation?


Some of the people on the blockheads have made massive and impressive creations. Whats possibly the biggest creation or accomplishment done in the game? Please post photos if you have them.


Handcar sports. :wink:


@Skeeve has an amazing railroad that stretches across his entire 16x empire server (SGE). @Joe also has a project called The Void where players are working on mining out an entire vanilla world, from sky to lava. I find these two massive project incredible feats that I myself would never have the patience to do.


I’m interesting in “The Void”. Is this a server?


it is, but it is closed until 1.7. I helped there actively back in 2015 and am excited to help more in 2018!!


Cool. I would love to contribute to it.


Yes, The Void is a Cloud World, open to the public I believe.

Although the Worldwide Railroad on SGE is indeed huge - there are other magnificent projects out there which are amazing works of art. The Railroad isn’t so much a work of art as it is a massive engineering project.

It took a team of perhaps a dozen or more players 6 months to lay down rails, tunnel through mountains and build amazing bridges that spanned the entire 16x world. To this day it’s worth grabbing a hand cart and taking the 5-hour tour.


Are there photos of these? I would love to see them.


Private for now according to Joeu.


I recommend looking at this…

It’s pretty impressive :smiley:
If you check out ThuThu’s build thread, there are lots of beautiful builds there too (though some of them aren’t huge, I think her and Wicked’s Duomo is a pretty large project)


Mama Food Supply also makes some large and impressive builds. Check out his threads. I have a challenge server that to my knowledge is the largest continuous test of survival. It takes up at least a quarter of the server.


If you travel to antispawn on SGE, you will be able to view the SGE Imperial Palace and the Royal Catacombs

There are also mazes that are incredibly impressive, such as that on The Maze Runner and Land of De Nile

Many of the builds on Caron’s Peace are breathtaking and intricate in detail.


One of the biggest creation that I have built with @Wicked is Firenze’s Duomo and Campanile.

Well, actually we have a build that is much much larger (maybe 4x - 6x larger? something like that), but, sadly, it can’t ever be shown, since it would be a spoiler.


These are awesome. Thanks for showing me.


Generating a 16x world is the biggest creation in The Blockheads.


I’d say the upcoming 1.7 update is the biggest creation in Blockheads. So much stuff to be excited about!

However, if you mean builds, out of the ones I’ve been involved in it’ll have to be the good old Eternity Tower


Biggest Achievement:
Handcar racing

Biggest Creation:
Team Forward’s servers, home to some of the largest and grandest buildings