What is *"The Blockheads"* Comunity like?

I am bad at making decisions so you’ll help me out here :wink:

Since that would be dumb to ask a forum how to live your life so I will make a poll to see what the people like.

Question 1:

How long do you play a server until you find it “boring”

  • All servers are boring all the time.
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 5 months
  • 10 months
  • 1+ year(s)
  • Forever

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Question 2:

What team are you in?

  • Custom Rules
  • Vanilla Pancake
  • Both
  • Neither

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Question 3:

Are you blood thirsty?

  • Yes
  • PVP should be on 6 days and 1 day off
  • PVP should be on 5 days and off during weekends
  • PVP should be on every second day
  • PVP should be off 5 days and on during weekends
  • PVP should be off 6 days an 1 day on
  • no

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Question 4:

How many servers do you have?

  • I make a new server every single day
  • I make a new server once I get bored of it
  • I make a new server once it no longer gets popular
  • I make a new server one it gets corrupted by hackers
  • I have 1 server
  • I don’t like being a server owner

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Question 5:

Can I be admin?

  • NEVER!
  • No thanks.
  • I’d like to be admin just because it makes me feel special
  • I’d like to be admin to help the owner
  • I’d like to be admin to help the server
  • I’d like to be admin to secretly corrupt the server and blame it on a hacker
  • I’d like to be a very loyal admin that works for free and be the owner’s pet
  • I have secretly made ALT accounts and admin myself to make it look like I have productive admins that love me

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Question 5:

How much rules do you have in your server if you had one?

  • No rules. Do whatever you like.
  • Only legal rules.
  • A few simple rules
  • Obey the owner or ban
  • I have highly strict rules and if you don’t obey them I’ll hack into Milla’s account and permanently cloud ban you.
  • The juicey ace can’t count.

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Question 6

What template interests do you have?

  • Do whatever you like in this server.
  • You are a terrible person unless you join this server.
  • If you don’t join this server YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON THE FUN :smiley:
  • This server is great.
  • Survival
  • Hard-core
  • economy
  • politics
  • Free tc anime and dating

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Question 287

What image interests you the most?

  • Noob Friendly
  • Corruption
  • Fantasy
  • Survival
  • Art and pixel art
  • secret adventure story

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What do you do if you retire in blockheads?

  • Abandon all my servers
  • Tell everyone you want to quit and they take care of your servers
  • Fake your death
  • pretend that you left but you still have an ATL account to spy on your people
  • Transfer all your ownership to the most trusted admins
  • Add credit to your servers once you come back

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How long do you keep private?

  • Never
  • Only during an emergency
  • Until it’s ready to be public
  • Until the next update
  • Forever

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Useless question

Do you like me ;-;? Be honest (Not a public poll){I don’t get offended}

  • Yes
  • Sometimes
  • I don’t even know you
  • No.

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Alright let’s see how this goes.

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No, but I am orange-juice thirsty. Mmm🍊


But those 6 images are all in 1 image…

Wait… They are…p
i continue to get philosophical

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Do you even count bro!

Good poll.

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I remembered people being owner like rude tuff good respected and appreciated bad meanie. Lots owner personality :roll_eyes:

I wonder who put no…
Image result for wasn't me meme

The first question should result in mixed opinions. Most servers are trash to me, even more I slowly forget about, but I have servers that I’m active on
What do you plan to do with this data?

About 4-10 seconds depending on how Long the welcome message takes to load


Most servers I join, I’ll decide if I like them or not within the first few minutes. If it’s a good server, I can play there… pretty much indefinitely, but that remains to be seen. Nice poll!


This is a nice poll, but some questions had no answers that could perfectly describe my opinion.


Some of the polls you asked a question, then you gave answers fhat hsrdly had anything to do with the question.

How many servers do you have?

You didn’t put any answers for this question. I can’t tell someone how many servers I have by saying I make a new one when a hacker ruins it. A more fitting question for your answers would have been how often do you make new servers?


Its funny that you have “Free TC, anime, dating” as an answer choice and no one picks it.

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Forgive me. I accidentally clicked it…

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you are hereby banished from the Blockheads Forums

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in pvp servers where you dont get starters but simple iron armour and 10 coins

i loved killing all the players

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If you seriously did accidentally click it, you are able to change your poll response.

Oh yeah.

Who knew MFS made a server every day…


  1. There are two question 5s
  2. it depends for the first question
  3. I usually have 1 server that is actually active, but by me saying active, its really only me playing half the time unless im playing with a friend or something.

Alright. I will start reviewing and studying your answers. To use them as preferences for the future so I avoid making mistakes.