What is the fastest way to travel?


Personally I think the hand rail is probably the fastest.

But I know I love riding across the lands on a unicorn.


Hand rail if there are already train tracks
Jetpack if there aren’t any


If you have time crystals to spare and teleportation/portals available then teleportation is the fastest. (duhhhhhhh…)


Then teleportation it is. I have heaps of TC. And I also have portals all around the world.


Time crystal method: Teleport
Non-time crystal method: Meditate and ride unicorn


Speed boots + coffee


You can meditate when riding unicorns?


I don’t think so.


walking with low health and being exausted



You didn’t say which way.


Now here’s a person that is really think lol

Yes, I didn’t say which way.

Oh and which is faster though? Elevator going vertically? Or handrails going horizontally?

Oh and does anyone know if can go faster on any of these things by drinking coffee?


That’s true too lol, :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::laughing: but given this question was not in ‘Off Topic’ category, you can pretty much assume I’m talking about the blockheads game.


Yes ._.

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