What is the heat providers in order?


Title explains, am poor and don’t have that much but looking for best way to heat up farm


Kilns are a cheap alternative.


Do you have sticks? I think torches make heat.


not a lot of heat as i recall


All benches that are fire-centric (kilns, furnaces, steam generators and campfires) produce multiple blocks of heat in every direction. For campfires, anything flammable needs two blocks of “buffer space” to remain safe. Kilns, furnaces, and steam generators do not require this space. I don’t know if pizza ovens produce heat.

Kilns are technically the best option, but are also kind of a pain in the rear with crafting times. I personally go with campfires.

I think the light sources produce heat, though very minimally so it’s quite inefficient to use them as heat sources.

Lastly there’s lava, though it’s tricky to reliably master the effects of it’s heat.

Even far away from lava, only a few blocks underground is pretty consistently warm provided it’s sealed well.