What is the ‘new user tutorial’?


In the list of badges, there’s a badge called Certified that’s for completing the ‘new user tutorial’. Hardly anyone has it and they all got it in June 2017. So what exactly is it? (There’s also another similar badge called Licenced.)


There used to be a tutorial on how to use the forums, but it got deleted for some reason. It’s impossible to get it now. I think the “Licenced” is the same type of thing, but I don’t know.


There used to be tutorials before, I don’t know the reason they removed it.


There was a plugin known as @discobot which could interpret commands inside of posts. Milla disabled it to prevent spamming of those commands. The Licensed and Certified badges are for having completed Discobot’s tutorials via pm after saying, for instance, “@discobot start new/advanced user tutorial” .


To say the least, Milla murdered @discobot. :persevere:

I’m just kidding!


There used to be Certified and Licensed badges available for obtaining until Milla disabled the Discobot, because people keep abusing it.