What is the oldest server you remember

Simple question, you can also just say when you started playing!

Woodlands and pvp legends were pretty old servers. I didn’t play pvp legends though only heard about it from friends.

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Rabbit hole
(Yes I’m kinda cheap XD hope you know what I mean)

I started playing 6 years ago and I remember actually playing a server called Fancy City that was right before I joined the forums it’s dead now sadly

It was called “Frozen Tundra” i looked it up recently and couldn’t find it though

Do we have to remember the name of the server too?

I don’t remember the first servers I frequently played on, however I know from looking at my purchase record on iTunes that I originally downloaded the application on January 10, 2013.

Moved from Meta to GD.

I joined just before multiplayer came online, so there were a lot created at one time. Aceland, CityofStars, Troy, and Metroblock, just to name a few. I guess the most memorable one for me was Aceland, as Ace had figured out how to do Mac servers, which meantyou didn’t need a credit card to pay for one (Ah, the Blockserver days!)

nah you don’t have to

The oldest? I don’t remember the name anymore, but it was this server I found from the forums, back when you had to enter the port and stuff.

I remember spawning on a large metal bridge of sorts–and just walking right, but the floating iron blocks my blockhead’s feet stepped on never seemed to stop. There was a conversation taking place but I wasn’t part of it, because I was trying to find the end of the iron blocks.

EDIT: for some reason I think the name had something to do with “emerald”, but I’m not sure.
I remember one of Tanooki’s servers really well, though, the one with a spawn that looked like a raccoon, and also Cheeseburger’s PvP Cheese Thieves.

I remember playing on some server back when I started playing in 1.4… got admin, and then was banned forever for no reason. I was very upset. Then I found the Skylands servers by Jemni :wink:


The very first I remember was a server called William during the trial period of Blockserver. They let anyone create a server for free before they started charging server owners. The owner was some kid who found it funny to promote and demote the staff at random. I remember some harsh lessons on griefing and we kept moving our little village of regular players further and further from spawn to avoid the griefers. That experience ended suddenly when credit cards were needed to sustain a server and the kid obviously didn’t have one. LOL

That’s when I began searching around and found Rabbithole, Westeros and another one I can’t recall. Fast forward to today after I became and still am the owner of both of these servers. :smiley:


hell yeah. server owned by me

this was server was way before jetpacks came to the game

The exact same thing happened to me.

I joined back in March 2013, long time ago around where servers were accessed through blockheadsfans I think it was. I think I had only played singleplayer until I joined servers that summer. I play through lots of servers in the first years, some of which I can remember were:

SCE, CZY, Edepot’s world, Firefly Kingdom…

I also remember the time there were no titanium blocks nor ownership signs. Servers were limited to steel blocks. I remember SCE having a lot of steel blocks and shops; and CZY being a huge mess of steel blocks and paint. I remember celebrating christmas in blockheads server, late blockheads nights in multiplayer, etc.

I remember being super hyped about having a donkey, building new stuff, playing multiplayer, having a tin armor, completing all the crafting benches for the first time, etc.

I also remember being super hyped about blockheads at school. I’ve invited a ton of friends to the game along the years and making servers with them. I always played the game in summer. Maybe sometimes took a break, then came back. last update was epic tho!
One of the best servers I’ve played on was Urbano, though I think that was back in 2016.


ayee wassup imp! i deleted my disc account but im hypire, the same dude, welcome back.

Downloaded BH in March 2013 - been playing ever since ….

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got the game on my parents iPod maybe like 7 years ago? but only started playing servers and joining forum August 2020.