What is this fog?


Fog? Please explain or maybe put an arrow but I don’t see fog… I probably just have had vision. If you are talking about the stuff coming from your blockhead mouth that’s steam. It means your blockhead is hot (probably because you are near lava) :what: :fire: anyway welcome to the community! Have this cookie :cookie: I hid it in some dirt.

The first picture shows it the best. It’s like a green fog. I placed a lantern in the last picture and the spot gets lighter but still visible.

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That just means it’s dark (not enough lighting) or unexplored.

I assume it looks funny because the ores (if that’s gold?). Gold ores glow in the dark, and can make some pretty weird boxes of light, especially combined with other sources of light placed in a certain way.

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you can see the lantern is in the “fog” in this one though. so its not lighting

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That’s my point, though. This happened to me just now when placing chandeliers—the light sources creating a strange patch, that can be countered with more steel lanterns but leaving a trace. It isn’t the first time that it’s happened to me, and I always assumed it had something to do with the light sources bugging. Here, there’s lava, lanterns (+ torches) and gold ores to confuse the game.
I’m no expert, so I could be completely wrong, but I always thought that was the case when it happened to me and considering how others have explained it to me in the past.

When a light source is near some ore, that can happen. :slight_smile:

i never did know whether this was an intentional feature or not but either way it looks very strange, if it’s not a lighting glitch it’s some kind of reflection due to ores like people have said

I’m not disagreeing with everyone about the reason but today when I got on the game the green clouds were gone.

Your BH probably farted NGL

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Yeah, 1.7 has a lot of lighting glitches. It shouldn’t affect gameplay much. Just kind of annoying to have “fog” and stuff randomly appear and disappear. :confused:

I guess that goes hand in hand with one of your suggestions? :poop:

I wonder why there are specifically so many lighting bugs? I know there were some features/changes relating to light and items that emit light in 1.7, but still… :thinking: