What is with people breaking rules when milla is not around


Although I am not trying to shame anyone or call out names it is just for some reason people tend to forget about the rules when milla goes offline for one day.

I know this thread may end up getting taken down but I want to know why this happens.

For anyone who hasn’t broken the rules may find it quite odd that they would be doing this.

People should always be following the rules and not getting into bad things instead of completely ignoring it. :confused:

I think new enforcements should be put into place if this keeps continuing at least as a way to stop them, like instant 2 week suspension if it happens. To all who we’re involved in the little drama.

That way there people can actually learn and read the rules from it instead of screwing around and breaking them.

Let me know what you think, and play nice please. Hate comments or any drama’s will not be welcomed and will be immediately flagged.



It’s their choice to break rules,it’s that easy(or they forgot).:wink:
But yeah try to avoid drama.
EDIT:I think the time of suspension depends on what rules they break.


I am sure when you become forum moderator you will be able to enforce this @Legoboy70 :scream:
Also I think there are some who do not track Milla’s every movement. Her being away does not necessarily mean that is why anything occurred.

Also there would not be anyone left here if everyone who broke a rule was suspended.


I think he is talking about the Forums not servers…


I know I haven’t been here too lately due to Hiatus and development on my servers I still have a right to be heard for my ideas and my plans for Blockheads.

I think we should have Trial Moderators, Junior Moderators and some Administrators and have Dave and Milla have Owner roles, it would produce more Security over the Forums while Milla isn’t there and help make sure nobody will brake anymore rules.

I know Milla is a developer and they must live in NZ to be at about Adminstrator rank but why not just move Administrator rank to Ownership rank, Moderation rank to Administration rank and make Junior Mod, Mod and some other nice roles we could have here, Milla is a great Admin and very much appreciated for what she does but we need to let her take a break while having the Forums protected by some Staff.

He does have a point and he does have a chance of being Staff but it’s not our choice if he does or not it’s the Staff’s so don’t raise his hopes because he might not become Staff but you can encourage him and tell him he’s doing well. :heart:


I think Milla and Asyc are doing a great job all ready. I don’t see the need for any more staff.


Thing is, we may need extra Moderation around here because of all th people braking rules around here, it’s just a suggestion but I really hope they do because it would also help them too.


People will always break rules no matter how much policing/ staff is. It’s human nature that people make mistakes. That is why on the forums, we have flagging.


I think that there shouldn‘t be any more actions taken because of yesterday, everyone involved clearly wants to move on :wink:
The rules on this forums are already very strict. Don‘t get me wrong, I like this forums because there‘s much less hate than elsewhere on the internet :slightly_smiling_face: But maybe we all should be more forgiving / lenient if other‘s are making mistakes :+1:t4: When I first joined this forums I was afraid to post anything bc I expected people to yell :“read the rules!“ at me :joy:
In my opinion we don‘t need more moderators / stricter rules / micromodding! This won‘t keep people from breaking the rules. Maybe every newbie could get like a „buddy“ who helps him to manage all the rules here :grinning:


Just saying as we don’t have very many staff but quite a lot of members and this amount of members would usually have 7-10 staff to help it but as you say Dave and Milla are doing a great job we can leave it at those points with the Suggestion of adding more staff.


Some members are malicious, provocative on porpuse. Just to tease ppl and see how far they can go. By replying to their posts and threads everyone helps to unfold the drama.
Just flag and move on! Milla and Asyc will take care. Do not tell ppl how bad they are, how arrogant they are, how they brake the rules. Flag and move on!
But I suspect a lot of us like a little drama to unfold :slightly_smiling_face:. Why else would you engage in discussions with malicious posters?


It’s best to tell them what their doing wrong, flag and leave and ignore them, no point arguing as you could get in trouble as well :neutral_face: and the Admins do have a lot of time on their hands developing and working here to check in so I suppose we don’t really need too much more staff.


What about constructive criticism?


Constructive Criticism is fine because it helps the person in trouble or doing wrong we just don’t go harsh, some people here are under 10 and are 10 so we have to respect everyone whatever age, but i do say it’s fine just we don’t go too harsh because we don’t know what age they are.

Hope this helped you :blush:


That wasn’t allowed right


Yeah sorry I just couldn’t think of the word at the time of posting that :sweat_smile: but yeah underage. They are allowed to play the game I’m just meaning a few play here on the Forums.


If not mistaken this game is rated 12+ in the apps store


Yes, but anybody under the age of 13 can still play the game, just not the forum.


I know a 9 year old who plays 16+ games, you never know who plays Blockheads or is on the Forums!


It really depends on if they were purposefully and knowingly breaking the rules or trying to confine the damage.

I think this will be a good policy.