What is with people breaking rules when milla is not around


Agreed, you can’t punish someone who was trying to help, they were involved so that wouldn’t be fair, I agree with JarlPenguin :blush:


No. Milla has so often told us we should NOT tell them what they are doing wrong, but just flag and move on.
Otherwise you are fueling the fire. It’s milla’s part to educate ppl about and enforce forum rules.
So, if you do tell them, you make them feel unwelcoe and are as much a rule breaker as they are.


I know what she said but I’m trying to help by telling them what they’ve done wrong and say their welcome to stay and enjoy the Forums and support them not make them feel bad about themselves, sorry if you took this out wrong.


Your acting quite rudely to me when all I’m trying to do is help, I didn’t realise Mills had said this as I’ve had a long Hiatus, I never mean to be rude.


Although my mom or dad i believe talks about all the rules i make sometimes if i we’re to become a moderator it may end up being a bit of a hard job but i would have to intervene here and there to stop those breaking the rules.

For example if someone kept continuing to double post and i got annoyed i may end up sending a warning that they may end up being suspended for a few weeks if they didn’t stop.


I personally have been seeing a lot of threads being merged into other threads, double posting and suchlike.


FYI - MajicDave is the developer of The Blockheads, milla is the community manager. There are already moderators and beta testers who assist with keeping an eye on the forums. Forums members can flag posts that are dubious, which will be reviewed by milla or me. There is no need for additional roles to moderate the forums.


To add to that, anyone else trying to moderate will be breaking the rules themselves. I make rules for reasons. Those reasons do not go away, because you have good intentions.