What is with the empty pictures


I have been noticing a trend lately that new users seem to have no picture making them impossible to tap without either searching their username up or clicking their username, what is with that?


Probably your device is “defective”.
The pictures are PNG, that allows them to have transparent parts, even all of the picture.
I can still click on them tho.


Then I guess mine is too? I’ve been having the same problem on many different Discourse forums.


i am using a windows 10 computer currently, as i am hard in work on making a new welcome message update for land of paradise


Apparently Discourse is not loading its system generated avatars. Normally it loads the initial character of the user-name, on a coloured background, and this is not presently working.


There is now a fix for this, would be kind of nice to have them back :slight_smile:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app


Thanks! I’ve passed this on to Dave, so he can sort it at some point :slight_smile: