What is yellow flax mat?

when i go to some server,i see some people give me yellow flax mat
what is it?

It’s a hacked invisible block

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Throw it into lava immediately. It’s a hacked block that becomes invisible when you place it. It can’t be broken. If you need to break it, you have to find it and burn it using an ember. It could corrupt the server and destroy it.


It doesn’t corrupt the server actually.

I’ve tried already, don’t be too scared to place them, I know lots of people are against it, but sometimes they use it to protect very valuable stuff, so it is useful, and there’s no corruption with the block like @Pokehgs, I know that here in the forums people are all trying to fit in with “This is bad to do” or “Don’t use hacks it just makes things boring!” and etcetera.

Well I am sometimes like that, but at the same time I’ll take down some ideas and tell them what’s wrong with it, or I’ll tell them why I think it is INCORRECT like what I just explained to @Pokehgs.

But I don’t want to fit in with the people of the forums all the time.
I want people to know why it may not be right,
Or wrong.
I want to make some sort of change In people’s thoughts here… Anyway, let’s not get too off topic.


Incorrect. Yellow flax mats are an incomplete item and are uncontrolled. Corruption is %100 possible.

But you’re right, we don’t have to fit in with these opinions all the time :slight_smile:

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Flax matts don’t cause lag, or corruption.

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Proof please @Zeekiel @Celadon
Prove us please


It’s just a block.

And to remove it, you need an ember, it isn’t harmful at all.

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Illogical and without backup. Yellow woven flax mats were created as part of the development but apparently never added. The coding munged up and stayed into the script. They were along with red woven flax mats, among other colors.

The items have no graphics, and are incomplete. Therefore, we can fully assume with reason that they are not in full stage and may not be safe. That’s the first clue.

The second is that they are associated with corruption. Because they’re not in full stage, they are uncontrollable and we have no idea how to stop any glitches with it. They’re clearly not in full stage, so we also assume that they have no patches to possible glitches. These glitches normally associate with lag and corruption. It’s been proven that during world creation (flat terrain, etc), the flax mats will spawn in with the world. The flax mats can severe the world safety. It’s also been shown that a large amount of flax mats can cause severe lag imaginably equal to that of the North Pole.

You’re also forgetting the #1 rule: In coding, anything can happen. Corruption comes along with that.


Dont forget theres also “jugs”, “rocks”, and “time crystal” in the game

Well guess what?
I don’t believe you.

Er… ok?

What I believe is Mostly true, and I never had a problem with these blocks.

Either they’re myths, or just a to stop people from hacking.

There’s one server that used to place it on doors to a free stuff place they called a greed zone. People can go there but never get out. They could tp out but the spawn portal was too close and they never discovered any other portals

Well, you know…

Anything that can happen, will happen.

But very small Titan.

So you might be correct.

Still, a tiny chance, that is so small, nearly so hard to happen.

So, @Celadon, I’m sorry, forget what I said that “It’s wrong” or “Incorrect”.

But I believe these flax matts don’t cause any corruption, because, well, it’s true.

DO NOT! place it if your in like survival and dont have a fire.

Burning it is the only way to get rid of it

I don’t take this a big deal, neither should you @Countrygal27. First off, these blocks are rare;
You can only get them if you have them in a portal chest, or if a hacker came and gave it to you in a server world.

So… Not too big of a deal! :wink:

Yeah they arent really i was just saying lol

But yeah someone gave them to me snd i didnt know what rhey wete i figued they had to be hacked but like a dummy i placed it anyways. My curiosity got the better of me lol

he knows what the item is. why more replies?

Someone gave me them one time too I wasn’t on the forums yet then and didn’t know what they were