What is your favorite BH animal

  • Unicorns
  • Donkeys
  • Dodos
  • Sharks
  • Trolls
  • Drop bears
  • Yaks
  • Steam generators
  • Scorpions

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Lmao steam generators are not animals lol

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Ahem. no

That is the joke.

You think we could get milla to choose? That would be hilarious if he/she chose steam generator.

lets go 4 people chose steam generator

Steam Generators make great pets!

  • They are warm.
  • They don’t need to be housebroken.
  • Their food is non-perishable
  • They don’t bark, but they do hiss sometimes
  • They don’t die

I vote Steam Generators!! :joy: :joy:


SMH, steam generators are tied for 2nd place. :laughing:


Steam Generators can’t fly


Wise man

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I should probably also mention that Steam Generators never eat your homework (unless you feed it to them as fuel) and they also never jump up on the furniture. In fact, they ARE the furniture. :joy:


Unlike any other pet if they get hit by a car they live!

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Tied for first now!

If they run away with the lead will that make them a run-away pet?
Do we need a rescue organization for steam generators?
Is letting them run out of fuel considered animal abuse?

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yes, yes and yes.

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yes dodo

steam generator dogman


Me next to my BH pet steam generators! they have not been tamed yet but I will probably name the small one Iain and the big one Tony though. the little one is the big ones son. right now they live at the ISS in SI. come visit them!
Screenshot (2)_LI


So cute! What is the server called I would like to come see them.