What is your favorite blockheads vehicle

  • Locomotive
  • Handcar
  • Boxcar
  • Boat

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Let me know if I forgot one.

Do pets count? :wink:

box car?

Oh darn I should’ve put that

Like the passenger things on a train in BH

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Donkey :upside_down_face:


Yea looking back I should’ve put animals… maybe for another poll. I guess this one is just non alive vehicles.

I misclicked on Locomotive. Boat is my favorite vehicle.
I haven’t taken Handcar, Locomotive, Boxcar.

If you click “show vote” you can select a different option

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While the train is interesting, it can be hard work to set up. Though in an online world with a really long track, it can be pretty interesting to watch the scenery

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Unicorns, precisely the Rainbow Offspring.