What is your favorite item in blockheads?

By favorite item I mean stuff that can be picked up in your inventory.


Maple seeds

Idk. Maybe a coffee cherry? Idk I just really like them lol.

If we’re counting pole items, I’d go with the Sunrise Hat of Fullness.

Otherwise, it’s the lapis lazuli stone.

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I will give everyone 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count. :wink:



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bingo! have a cookie. :cookie:


Yay cookie

South Pole Boots of Speed! Gotta go fast! :running_man:


I’d say the Golden Bed. Whenever I don’t have one I’m like … argh, I have to wait 5 minutes to sleep!

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Without this…
My BHs would end up sleeping their eternal game-lives away.
”Sleeplessness” is non-optional!!!
:cowboy_hat_face: :clown_face: :sunglasses: image

Gold spade, slowly break some stones with extra rewards.

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Handcar wouldn’t work without some rails!

I must say though, golfing with fishing poles (rods?) was always fun.

my favorite item is split between any of the gemstones and the fur coat (dyed of course).

its you :pleading_face:

if any people were items i’d be inclined to throw them in the lava chute… i’m probably joking, but who knows?

my favorite is the roasted coffee bean… i don’t know why it’s visually fascinating